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Thread: NO favor to FREE Reviews - Service Comes With A Price

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    NO favor to FREE Reviews - Service Comes With A Price

    It's indeed very disappointing to give and ask for free reviews even if the service provider is new to the board. It could be one of the main reasons why marketplace is not growing as good as it should, considering there are some real good buyers and providers around. This has prompted me to come up with a "NO FREE Reviews" motion and I expect people to put forward their thoughts.

    At the same time, I have some ideas for providers and buyers to encourage a trusted business relationship. Suggestions, additions are most welcome

    1- New service providers and old providers with new services MUST add some samples in their threads or if something is confidential because of security reasons, they should be ready to send samples via PM/emails.

    2- The service threads must be very clear and detailed (not long stories though) so the buyers get the answer for general questions they may have.

    3- If you're an experienced service provider but no itrader here, then try to add 2-3 old testimonials (real and clickable if possible) from other forums or your business websites.

    4- If you're a beginner in freelancing, then give a flat 50% discount to first 2-3 reputed buyers. It is better to get at least something for the service rather than a free review. Money motivates the quality too. This fee should be refundable if your service is not up to the desired standards that you've promised in your thread.

    5- Be active on your thread. be genuine. Be real without throwing lot of sales pitch.

    6- Add your IM details if possible so prospects can contact you directly.

    7- And most important what I believe, try to build your presence and reputation before you're up with any service. So that people notice your expertise and skills live on board. being active and interacting with other members for at least 15-20 days is good in order to have comparatively more interest and service trials.

    Something for Buyers

    Try to pay after the service if it really deserves, if you're skeptical. This will encourage talented and new freelancers.

    Give your honest and detailed review if possible

    These were my thoughts. I'd welcome any critic, additions, suggestions, comments here.

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