GoOpen has an interesting pitch.

For $19.95, they appear to claim that they can open a real United States bank account for non-US residents:
All you need to do is send a photocopy of your passport. We guarantee you'll be able to get a US bank account or we'll refund you in full. No questions asked.
They also claim:
1. Simple and Hassle-free
2. Account active within 7 days
3. Includes Platinum VISA debit card
4. No account minimums
5. Free ACH direct deposits
6. Free initial check book
7. Used to verify Paypal account
8. Full Internet banking facilities
9. Deposit US checks by mailing them directly to your new bank account
10. No need to certify passport

  • Your account active within 7 days
  • Order your free US check book before you even receive your welcome pack
  • Deposit funds from PayPal, 2CO & Adsense directly into your account
  • No SSN required (Social Security Number)
  • No US mailing address required
  • Includes Platinum VISA debit card (get all the benefits of a Platinum credit card, like free travel insurance. Received after account is activated). No credit checks, no annual fees on the card, no withdrawal fees (even when used outside the US).
  • Account cash deposit is insured 100% up to $100,000
  • No account minimums (after initial deposit)
  • Free ACH direct deposits
  • Make withdrawals and purchases around the world with your VISA card
  • Free initial check book
  • Have funds deposited directly into your account from PayPal (save on their 2.5% currency exchange fee by depositing directly into your US bank account)
  • Full Internet banking facilities available
  • Deposit US checks by mailing them directly to your new bank account
  • No need to certify passport. Just mail a photocopy
  • Includes your own private US phone number (voice mail)
  • No fees for 12 months
  • You wil pay no fees for your first 12 months. After that you pay $40 every 3 months unless your keep $1000 deposits every month or $10,000 as a minimum balance

This sounds impossible. It seems like a scam to me.

But... if anyone outside the U.S. wants to try -- I'll send them the $20 application fee if they promise to post their results (good or bad).