Some of you might have known the big boost from Paid To Click sites...
Well who of you did try it?

I tried with some sites, 90% was scam but there was only one I'm still clicking on.. but probably it's a scam too...

The one I'm talking about is the famous Bux.To... never bought any refs, but I got one payment already..
Still waiting on the other one though (If I will ever get it )

Now, you can see my Bux.To stats here:

Your Statistics:
# of Website Visits

Your Referral Statistics
# of Referrals (view)
# of Referral Website Visits

Additional Credit/Debit
# of Credit/Debit (view)

Balance Information
Account Balance (cashout)
$ 285.5600
Total Amount Paid
$ 61.6100

It isn't bad at all, as I never paid for any refs.. but I just hope I might get the last payout (212$)...
Bux.to can't just dissapear as they're trademarked etc... and they are too official, but everything looks pretty dead there so

Well we will see

Now, you guys, did you ever tried this out?