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    I decided to try posting for money on other forums. What are the rates to do this?

    How much do people ask per reply & per thread? Do I need to know some special things, like how much words at least etc?

    Are there some other things I need to know?

    Thanks in advance for the answers, let's try this and hope I earn something from it
    |Nico Lawsons

  2. I usually see rates from 10 cents to 20 cents per post for paid forum posting.

    You can see a lot of advertisements for these services at forums like AdminFusion.
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  3. You might be better served by holding a posting contest. That way you have people competing for a prize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texashiker View Post
    You might be better served by holding a posting contest. That way you have people competing for a prize.
    Well this is more a topic about doing the service.

    Me (Aquarezz) will post on OTHER forums for money, to get the forum started or to get it even more active. I post and in return I get money for it.

    Thanks Will for the rates, I'll look in AdminFusion
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Many of the paid forums are giving 10-25 cents per post.. yeah, of course there might be regulations like word counts, spam posting etc.. for posts like 20-25 cents you may have to cover 100 words per each post I think..

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    Like Will said - usual rates are around 10-20 cents, though there are some that offer more for quality posting. But these tend to be small jobs (20 - 50 posts, after which you've got to look around for other jobs...

    If you are looking for regular money, there are many "paid forum posting" companies that take care of the marketing; you sign up with them, and they give you the jobs. Rates here are usually 10 cents or less.

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    As Will said, the rate per forum post is 10c or 15c maximum.

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    The maximum that I have seen is 20 cents per post and anybody offering more surely calls for a check on his credibility, as most of them are from scammers who do not pay!



  9. Best rate is 10 cents per quality post and 15 cents for new thread Creation . But because of too much competition you can find many users doing this work in half rates , which is very horrifying rates for experienced users .

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    Yes, average is 10-15 cent but i ever heard about forum which pay in high rate. But that forum is very-niche topic so not all people can participate, since knowledge about that niche is needed.

    I'm used to freelance as forum poster before, but stop since my activities is so many

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