A company who for many years claimed the rights to all shopping carts has finally been defeated by NewEgg.com attorneys who stood their ground after Amazon and several other major e-commerce sites lost their legal battles.

How Newegg crushed the shopping cart patent and saved online retail | Ars Technica

This was a serious issue for all e-commerce sites, although most site owners were not even aware of it. When the issue first came up several years ago, the patent trolls announced that they planned to extract licensing fees from all e-commerce sites. These guys were pulling in millions in fees from major e-commerce sites.

If I remember correctly, they initially went after a few smaller sites and hit them with $1500 one-time licensing fees, but then decided to go after the big fish. They claimed to have the rights to three patents that literally covered all online shopping carts. NewEgg.com defeated them by proving that their was a prior use by an obsolete CompuServe e-commerce system, which proved that their claims were not unique due to the prior use by CompuServe Mall, which pre-dated their patents. For those who do not know who CompuServe was, they offered a dial-up information service in the early 1990s and was one of the first services to offer access to the Internet in the USA.

Kudos to NewEgg.com.