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Thread: paypal bullS again .....

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    paypal bullS again .....

    last month i spend 600 on ebay with paypal cause ( i though) they can protect my purchase, at the end the item not arrived on the date they promise 23-12-2010, then i left to australia, at date 29-12-2010 sender told me item arrived, received and sign by me but the time i was 5000 miles away from where i sign the item ......

    Then i files complaint to paypal on 6-1-2011, paypal finalize everything today and tell me they close the case, cause seller show them online tracking and confirm item received n sign by me .........

    It leave me no choice, i call paypal to appeal but they told me case close and they can't do anything about it cause i sign it .... best when i told paypal CS about everything, their reply is item miss or wrong deliver is not under paypal protection, item mis or wrong deliver is forwarding, express or pos issue, not their ...

    Btw this just another sad story from paypal again ...

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    No, not on paypal.
    Ebay allows such things.

    Your gripe should be at ebay.

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    sad man ..... i though using paypal is safe

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