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Thread: The paypal Help page...

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    The paypal Help page...

    Hi dear Guys this is just a copy of information I got from a friend of mine..It goes like this..

    I made a free account in paypal and asked my friend to send a single dollar just for checking whether the account is working properly or not? He sent one dollar too. Do you know what I received? only 0.67 dollars that means paypal took 0.33 dollars as fee..

    33% of service charge? Though this is a very small amount consider if you are sending good amount and getting charged like this...Everywhere people now uses paypal for sending and receiving money we must know how to utilize it carefully and efficiently.

    For avoiding from the fee in paypal.

    Don't take paypal premier accounts, take a personal account.

    While asking your payment from somebody tell them to send you the money as a gift from their "Paypal balance".

    Even within the paypal transactions also, only the free service is paypal balance to paypal transfer only. And if you are getting from another continent make it sure that you are getting it as a gift.

    This can help you getting your money free of cost. So that you can have the full money of your work....

    There is no charge to send money both from the bank account and paypal balance..I hope this will help you when sending bulk money.....!!

    Do you know that if you are refunding the payment the fee also will be refunded...?

    for example. Suppose somebody is sending me a 1000$ from his paypal using a creditcard to my paypal. I will definitely get charged and will get apprx. 950-970$ only it depends on the country and charge.

    So I lost 50$ Right...The solution for this is, I can refund the amount to the one who send the money again. (if you are transferrring the money back to the sender with in 60 days the fee also will be refunded for this click on details of the transaction section in paypal below you can see refund)

    So it is sure that he will get back his full 1000$s..Now it is simple he can send the money to bank and can send rom his bank account or pp balance..So that I will get the full amount...

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    See this here you can select the send as personal payment option

    here you can select send the money as a gift

    But now some of your accounts may not be showing the send as giftoption.

    But you can send without fee if have selected the personal payment option [Now it may be showing payment owed]
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