I know we normally only read "Bad Stuff" about PayPal, etc...but an experience I just had with them today on the "Good" side:

1 - Someone has stolen my PayPal debit card in the past week from somewhere...
2 - Opened an Adwords Account using my cc
3 - Charged > 400 bucks to adwords with it, 50 bucks to some online gaming detal, etc.

- Stopped the >400 dollar charge on their own (note they were smart enough to differentiate this from my normal adwords account somehow....)
- They still paid the 50 bucks and a 2.23 fee to Google

I called after seeing the 50 dollar charge go through today (I use email notification to my phone)...

They immediately refunded the money, had me cancel the card, and have a new one coming...

My "normal" debit card/credit card companies would have taken > 1 week to do the same. I did this all in about 20 minutes. No money out of my pocket.
*Someone* however has gotten >420 bucks out of Google though...
My only fear now is how to contact a human at Google to say "Wasn't me"....or do I bother???