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Thread: PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout or Other?

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    PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout or Other?

    I want to start a discussion about online payment processing. I think it is fair to say the majority of us will have a PayPal account, but MoneyBookers is a smaller yet equaly good payment processor, and of course there are others, even new sites that have yet to start such as

    Recently I'm noticing MoneyBookers advertising a MasterCard Debit card and they seem to be quite aggressive in promoting the card.

    Does anyone actually use a payment processor other than PayPal, and what do you prefer, and why?

    What do you think is the future of online payment processing, can you see a day when webmasters and contractors will need multiple providers, or will PayPal always have the upper hand?

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    I really like Moneybookers. I use it all the time, especially because my country isn't supported by Paypal when receiving payments. On top of that, it's a much better payment processor in my opinion... Its only disadvantage is unpopularity.

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    I'm warming to them, I have an account but haven't verified it, but if people in the Netbuilders maketplace would start using MoneyBookers more often I'd be really keen to give it a try.

    I like the simple process they advertise for getting a mastercard debit card organised - everything about them just seems like they want to do business with me.

    How about Google Checkout, are they similar, or completely different?

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    for me i will support moneybooker then google check out, reason is pretty simple .... i don't want google be super on everything related to internet ...

  5. Moneybookers is good payment processor, but not popular. Simple, paypal is the most popular, and its like google vs altavista For the future, I dont see anything changes, paypal stays first!

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    I use and like Moneybookers. I pay domains on Dynadot with it. I even exchange money on PayPal for it, even if it is against PP rules.

    You must be careful with using Moneybookers since there is no disputes or something, if you sent the money thats it, no returns. So do not use it with non trusted persons...

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    I am using moneybookers and alertpay as well. The issue with Google checkout is that it's available to few countries only. MoneyBooker is indeed a nice option but their verification process is way too picky. They at times, get stuck at the damaged corners of your social security papers (lol) I'm just arranging some other identity proof to get it verified a fresh looking one
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    As per my opinion, PayPal is the best and is being used widely. The reason behind its popularity is the reliability and security on information and assurity of payment.

  9. I would also mention 2CheckOut which I've been using for years without any major issues. The great thing about them is that it allows you to accept payments in both credit cards and PayPal (through their "Checkout with PayPal" option) which makes it good if you're in a country not fully supported by PayPal, or just want to avoid PayPal's fussy limitations. You can also get your money in a variety of different ways; a check, a direct deposite, a wire transfer or a Payoneer debit card (the best option IMHO).

    As for PayPal vs. Moneybookers, I'd say Moneybookers at this point has an upper hand. Not only does Moneybookers support more countries, and for longer than PayPal did, but they appear to be simpler. I like that they don't go into the dispute resolution stuff because that's been a source of a lot of pain on PayPal from what I've heard. If you need that you can try using external services.

    PayPal recently started supporting my country, yet they still don't allow me to pay using my account balance (as I discovered recently).

    Competition is badly needed, so I think supporting Moneybookers is a good idea. Everyone who doesn't have an account should get one.

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    It's not a bad idea for a business to accept various types of payment. Paypal is popular, but not everyone wants to use them. I had a customer the other day that could only pay with Moneybookers or AlertPay. If I hadn't offered that option, then I would have lost the sale. I decided to sign up with both, but liked AlertPay better. What turned me off to Moneybrokers is that I had to email them to accept any payments. It just seemed like a bother. So, now I accept Paypal and AlertPay.
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