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Thread: Paypal : premium or business -> any specific advantages

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    Paypal : premium or business -> any specific advantages

    i was wondering is there any specific advantage of having a premium or business account.

    Now a days paypal is charging transaction fees in any case so that's not a big problem.

    what does net builders suggest in such case should i go for premium.

    I currently have verified personal account.

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    well it really depends on what you do with it. if you are a seller go for premium or business (depending on how much you sell). if you just want to buy stuff online then keep it personal.

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    It is usually a good idea to separate business and personal transactions for tax reporting reasons. Also, you probably want to let your buyers see that you have a premier/business account rather than personal on the payment transaction page.

    Also, with bank accounts, have a personal and a separate business banking account.

    Then you can avoid a lot of stress later when you are making money from the web and need to fill in your tax return form.

    If you are working by yourself, then I think a Pay Pal Premier account is all you need for business. The business account seems to be needed when you are likely to have other partners/employees working with you (where they may log into your account) or you are a company entity rather than using just your name.

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    i use it to collect my freelance earning which is small as i already have a stable job and hence free lancing is part time fun job for me.

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    Suggest you just have a professional. it is enough

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