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Thread: Paypal's New Terms for Indians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    There's not much motivation for them to do so, because these regulations have no impact on government employees. Those folks aren't using PayPal to earn money and feed their families, so they don't see why any of this is important.
    You're right. They don't care if people eat.

    It's unreasonable to require a micro-vendor with a few dollars on his paypal to transfer the money out after seven days and get hit with transaction fees that eat the small earing up.

  2. this is awesome CRAP from RBI. They should concentrate on more serious issues instead of paralyzing working online professionals ! how the hell am i supposed to pay hosting and freelancers now ! and yes! paypal is also to blame , they are not correct on their part too ! they just want profits!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rohanpawale View Post
    paypal is also to blame , they are not correct on their part too ! they just want profits!
    Profits are why all of us are in business. It would be odd to expect PayPal to operate at a loss so that they could support my online business.
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