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Thread: Personal challenge: Need to make 20k in 2009

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    Personal challenge: Need to make 20k in 2009

    I've challenged myself to make, at a minimum, $20k before the year's end. Seeing as I will be out for at least a couple of months, that gives me roughly nine months to succeed. The challenge itself inherently brings up some things to consider:

    1) The $20k must be earned as a part of WAH income. I currently have a fulltime job, so this can be tricky.

    2) My skills are limited to design and website management. Currently, I make decent cash
    as a freelance graphic designer (thank you to those who have hired me) but I'd like to consider as a supplement, other ways to fulfill this target.

    3) I currently own a handful of domains that are either in or awaiting development and would like some suggestions on how to handle them. My target is to maximize income with these domains, either as a part of a sale or content management.

    So, why am I sharing this information? A couple of reasons really. For one, I need that little kick in the butt to get me moving and I think some accountability with you all will help. Secondly, I'd like to see if anyone has any suggestions as to how I should properly approach and/or plan this. Any help is gratefully appreciated.
    comming soon

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    Since you do have experience, your target is definitely very realistic. I would recommend that you focus on something that is making cash
    already and that you have an interest on. If things get tougher, you can consider outsourcing. I would also recommend that you set aside a proportion of your earnings to invest in your business. Good luck.

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    I need a logo. That should help get you commenced
    . :P
    comming soon

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    Thanks guys ..

    Zap, I'm getting on it. I got a new computer and am finally getting it all setup with CS3
    comming soon

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    Good luck Chaka42 with your targets

    Me too have set some targets for myself in 2008, I hope I will achieve my targets.

    I have not set any specific amount to be earn in 2008, just have set to earn as much as i can.

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