Now I think this is one of the issues that almost every SEO business owner faces.

Hard to get testimonials from clients and testimonials are important to build up the credibility and trust in new clients.

Most of our customers are resellers and they don't want to disclose.. so I can expect testimonials..

With some of potential clients, we've signed NDA.. so again.. No disclosure of their projects or testimonials...

I avoid giving our prior success stories because clients just don't want to be disclosed (I mean the projects)

Very very hard to get testimonials.. sighs***

So I have just thought of an open offer for portfolio building that will take up few sites, will promise top rankings, at 50-75% discount on our super off-site marketing plan that runs almost of 6 months and brings in an intensive SEO approach.

But all at the condition of showing up their websites in our portfolio.. or better say.. we'll use these sites as case studies.

Does that offer sound appealing??? Your suggestions would be welcomed. I'm just drafting a proposal to send out to my email list and may open a proposal thread here too.

Your suggestions, response will be appreciated!