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Thread: Problems Faced By Young Entrepreneurs

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  1. Problems Faced By Young Entrepreneurs


    What are the common problems faced by young entrepreneurs?

    For one, people do not take you seriously at times and I just hate that.

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    1) People don't always take you seriously.
    2) Adults often think you aren't trustworthy.
    3) You need to be 18 for a lot of things, such as Paypal.
    4) School. Need I say more? :P

  3. Haha! :P

    School and scarcity of time are HUGE problems
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    Here in Belgium there is a tax problem for us, we only need to fill in tax papers once a year, as soon as you're 18 years old. If you don't have that age, you can't fill it in, though you need to report all the earnings to the government.

    I'm still asking people that should know what to do, but all of them are saying something different

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    Getting the initial investment- Parents may not give the initial investment so you have to struggle a bit.

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