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Thread: Promoting an Offline Business?

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    Promoting an Offline Business?

    Here's the deal:

    My mother offers sewing services (curtains, pillows, reupholstery, blah blah blah) and is running low on her endless chain of client referrals. So I want to create a plan to take her local marketing online and drive in more's what I have so far:

    1) Create a portfolio website

    I'm not sure what to focus on. The pictures or her services. Any ideas?

    I know I'll have to do some keyword research to SEO optimize it, but should I setup a blog as well? And what might I write on it?

    2) Find online advertising

    So far I've just thought of writing up a few press releases, but what else can I do? Maybe find local businesses to setup some online ads?

    That's pretty much all I have. My mom does this for a living so I'm really trying to help her out, but I'm not very good with promotional things. Any tips?

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    Yes, a portfolio website is fine, do put up her photo and list of services on it, best if you can get some testimonials from her past customers, also put down the contact details so people who are interested in her services can get in touch to her. Put some photos of her finished products and also photos of her working on projects.

    Print some flyers which to be distributed in the local neighborhood and businesses. You can also post ads in the online classified ad sites and craigslist.

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