Here's the deal:

My mother offers sewing services (curtains, pillows, reupholstery, blah blah blah) and is running low on her endless chain of client referrals. So I want to create a plan to take her local marketing online and drive in more's what I have so far:

1) Create a portfolio website

I'm not sure what to focus on. The pictures or her services. Any ideas?

I know I'll have to do some keyword research to SEO optimize it, but should I setup a blog as well? And what might I write on it?

2) Find online advertising

So far I've just thought of writing up a few press releases, but what else can I do? Maybe find local businesses to setup some online ads?

That's pretty much all I have. My mom does this for a living so I'm really trying to help her out, but I'm not very good with promotional things. Any tips?