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    I recently finished reading Seth Godin's Purple Cow.

    The book presents the argument that people are so busy these days and so inundated with advertising messages that advertising itself has ceased to work. The only solution is to create a product or service so remarkable that it spreads through word-of-mouth from one customer to the next.

    Got it? OK, you just saved yourself from reading 144 pages of the same argument, presented in an almost unimaginable number of different formats and contexts. There really is not much else in the book.

    I believe in the message of the book, in some niches at some times. I believe that you must do something remarkable to grow rapidly when faced with an entrenched competitor. But I also believe that there are times when a "me too" play can be the most profitable approach to the market.

    I believe in being remarkable, but somehow Purple Cow doesn't quite live up to it's own standard.
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    I love it when someone can summarise a guru book into one sentence or not a lot more. To my mind, Guru's who write books that they promote heavily so that everyone talks about it are usually on an ego trip. Guru's on an ego trip rarely seem to write very much of interest.

    Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on this book.

    I'm reminded of a mailing list I subscribe to where the author debunks all those MMO ebooks that are heavily promoted by affiliates. It's called the Masked Guru and the guy buys some of the most talked about ebooks, reads them, then writes up an honest review. Most of them turn out to be written specifically to take advantage of newbies.

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    I am a fan of Seth Godin's books and have read a couple of them. I don't think I have Purple Cow though

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    I am a fan of Seth Godin's books and have read a couple of them. I don't think I have Purple Cow though
    If you'd like a copy and are willing to wait about a month, we now have two. I can ship you one when we get back to the US.

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    Seems like an interesting subject. I will probably wait until it passes in the 'Masked Guru' that elbandelero mentioned

    There's so much information available these days that short reviews really do help filtering. I can barely keep up with what's written on netbuilders, let alone read more books.

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