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    I have two qestions for you NetBuilders, about two of my unused domains.


    I had plan to run a Wordpress Niche Creation Service, but my partners are not ok anymore..., and it will take me too much time to do this business alone.
    What can I do with this domain ? Maybe a hosting review site ? .. but the market is oversatured !
    Something I can run without a lot of daily work (I don't want to set up an hosting site ...)

    What can I do with this domain ?


    In October, I did my first sale on DigitalPoint (yes DP...). But, after sending me the 100$ of BIN, the buyers didn't reply my email, my pm etc...

    Now, I need to do something with this site and I can't refund the buyer (paypal desactivate Refund button 2 month after payment). I have contacted the buyer in October, November and in December but didn't get any reply. I have tried on DP, with 2 or 3 different emails I have found but I didn't get any reply.......

    Do you think I can keep the site ... and the money ?

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