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    Reasonable Pricing

    I think that this conversation explains itself.
    A lesson on reasonable pricing.

    Gaurav says:
    hello sir
    you added me for link building
    and other seo services

    I didn't add him - he added me.

    Kovich says:
    Hello there.
    Where did I add you from?

    Gaurav says:
    I sent you an email from
    do you need any link building services sir?
    any content writing services? or article writing
    sir are you there'
    we provide directory submissions too

    I never received an e-mail from him either.

    Kovich says:
    One moment, please.

    Gaurav says:
    sir ;et me know at
    sir any work pls let me know

    This was all sent in a matter of seconds.

    Kovich says:
    What is your rate for content writing?

    Gaurav says:
    $ 15 for 500 words

    Kovich says:
    Are you serious?
    $15 for 500 words?

    Gaurav says:
    yes sir we are cheap
    and we provide excellent quality

    Kovich says:
    There must be an error in your typing.

    Gaurav says:
    ill send you samples

    Kovich says:
    Fifteen dollars for five hundred words?

    Gaurav says:
    how many would you order if you like my quality

    Kovich says:
    I'm not ordering any if you're charging $15 for a 500 word article.

    Gaurav says:
    sir what is the going rate in the us

    Kovich says:
    People usually charge $0.01 a word
    $1 for 100 words. $5 for 500 words.

    Gaurav says:
    sorry sir cannot do for that cheap minimumi can g to for you would be $ 10

    Kovich says:
    There are people who are native English speaking citizens with university degrees who don't charge anything near what you charge.

    Gaurav says:
    okay let me think about it and buzz you
    He then proceeded to send me some samples:

    "I consider myself a big boating enthusiast. For the past 22 years of my life I haven’t let a single day pass by when I did not enjoy a boating trip in my backyard lake. Also, in these last 22 years I must have changed 12-15 different boats but being a hardcore boat lover, I was never bothered too much by the money that I spent. But whenever I got myself a new boat, I got a feeling that something wasn’t proper about it. I mean, the boat was all great and everything but something was just missing somewhere."
    You decide - worth $15 or not?

    Edit: Apparently this individual did not like this post:

    you have no right to do that without my permission
    its people like you who spil the net
    anyways there no us eof giving you badwords
    how can you just do that - if you dont want to pay dont pay - but why do you post my website details
    your dumb you
    I guess this thread is now a double lesson:
    Reasonable Pricing and Professionalism.

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    I hate people who beg you for work

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    I don't understand how people contact you with such horrible spelling/grammar and suddenly transform into great writing skills. Writing style isn't something you switch off whether or not somebody pays you. I would only hire somebody if they ALWAYS used good writing, not just in their work - it shows the work is genuine and gives me more reason to believe they actually wrote it. It makes the person also more pleasant to work with.
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  4. That fella needs to find another line of work.
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    I charged $0.05/word when I was a freelance writer...but...I'm better than him. :P

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    I've seen folks charge even more than that...but they are normally sought out...

    Ignoring all of the other factors, a big warning to me is his dropping so quickly from $15 to $10 in your un-solicited discussion...

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    Maybe he's just reselling services? Some article writer charges 5$ for 500 words, his English sucks but searches for clients, than outsources the 'outsourced' work to the writer and than delivers good content and gets 5$ extra?

    It's a bad idea, but it's possible
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Is there such thing as 'market price' for article writing business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    Is there such thing as 'market price' for article writing business?
    I guess you could say the 'going rate' instead of a 'market price'. A lot can effect the price like turn-around time, grammar, quality, SEO and research etc

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