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Thread: Recession

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    How much is Welfare in California or the United States in general?
    Where I live in Canada, Ontario, we already had a welfare problem a few years ago around the year 1999. What my Federal gov did is lower the welfare to $575 a month, with most rents at about $600 the cheapest you can find it forced people to work or bunker up with roomies. It forced out alot leeches in the system, in general people who dont want to sustain themselves by doing something with themselves rather then sitting on their arse watching tv. This is probably what they should do compramise and balance the budget some more.

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    Your 6 hours from where I live, Quebec ..yeah welfare is the same here, not enough. I work though, so dont have it.

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    Yeah I've been hit a bit with the "recession". Although I was forced to downsize my budget, I sorta went the opposite way with expansion. So in other words I got more bang for the buck and got an upgrade for about $50 less than what I was paying now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Techlady View Post
    Has the economic downturn affected your business in any way? If it hasn't do you expect it to?

    I forsee 2009 being pretty dim or challenging to say the least.

    For us it meant a 60% increase in sales. Go figure. I'm not complaining. I've lived through some rough times in my business life and personal life. Not every part of the economy is bad.

    However, it has affected my ability to refi my mortgage. Apparently none of the banks have any money. Even the ones that got bailed out. I'm not even asking for any more money. I've got about .5 mil in equity. I just want a lower interest rate. No one will do it. Not even the bank I am currently with. Bastards.
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