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Thread: Recession

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    Has the economic downturn affected your business in any way? If it hasn't do you expect it to?

    I forsee 2009 being pretty dim or challenging to say the least.

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    Not really. But i recently started a mortgage, will see how it does

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    Eh talked up too much in the media to make it sound like it is worse than it is. I think at the moment either companies are doing really well and getting tonnes of business or not doing very and not having much business.

    The two companies I work at/own are doing extremely well and we are actually having to turn away a fair bit of work because we don't have to resources/time to complete it.
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    My earnings have been significantly lower, and my expenses have been significantly higher (but probably not because of the recession)...
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  5. I found a pretty good way to fight the recession, stop watching CNN - it's depressing!

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    I think the recession talk is just plain BS.

    I've seen my three companies grow steadily over the past quarter and I expect to see a 1000% growth in 2009.

  7. If you look at "the recession", you see what -- a 10% drop in "the economy" overall?

    So work 10% harder.
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    Yes, recession has effected my busienss alot and my busienss has droped by 50% before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techlady View Post
    I forsee 2009 being pretty dim or challenging to say the least.
    Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy? Remember, a recession is a LAGGING indicator. B2B businesses seem to be faring well, from a revenue perspective. Cash flow seems to be the biggest concern; Consumer based businesses are likely hurting (numbers still not completely out yet), since for once, people are saving

  10. I see all of this and it baffles me to death of just how its all going to end and when the pound to the dollar has dropped quite a bit and affected me badly but when is it going to end and how?

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