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    Has the economic downturn affected your business in any way? If it hasn't do you expect it to?

    I forsee 2009 being pretty dim or challenging to say the least.

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    Not really. But i recently started a mortgage, will see how it does

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    Eh talked up too much in the media to make it sound like it is worse than it is. I think at the moment either companies are doing really well and getting tonnes of business or not doing very and not having much business.

    The two companies I work at/own are doing extremely well and we are actually having to turn away a fair bit of work because we don't have to resources/time to complete it.
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    My earnings have been significantly lower, and my expenses have been significantly higher (but probably not because of the recession)...
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  5. I found a pretty good way to fight the recession, stop watching CNN - it's depressing!

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    I think the recession talk is just plain BS.

    I've seen my three companies grow steadily over the past quarter and I expect to see a 1000% growth in 2009.

  7. If you look at "the recession", you see what -- a 10% drop in "the economy" overall?

    So work 10% harder.
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    Yes, recession has effected my busienss alot and my busienss has droped by 50% before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techlady View Post
    I forsee 2009 being pretty dim or challenging to say the least.
    Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy? Remember, a recession is a LAGGING indicator. B2B businesses seem to be faring well, from a revenue perspective. Cash flow seems to be the biggest concern; Consumer based businesses are likely hurting (numbers still not completely out yet), since for once, people are saving

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    It must be observed that revenues raised by the retail sector in America are almost wholly on imported goods.The usa has very little manufacturing.
    The us economy is based mostly of services,and nothing anything real or tangible. One China and other countries refuse dollars import to usa will dry up, and the stores will become empty. You will have a real nightmare to attend too.

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