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    After a lot of sleepless nights, boring schooldays and a lot of thinking I've decided to start all over again. To start off, I used to earn a few hundred monthly before but suddenly it looks like all of that is gone. And than something came into my mind, when I used to earn that amount of money I had a business partner from Holland. We used to create websites together and share the money, but because he had no time anymore we sold everything and went our own way.

    I'm sure I can handle many sites on my own, but websites get much better when you can work on them with two people. It doesn't mean that every created website should be for both of us, we can talk about what we want to do both (and share the revenue) and what not.

    Here is where I'm looking for:

    • A person that can make blog posts (Ofcourse blog post work will be spreaded between us two)
    • A person that is used to work with WordPress and can work with a few other scripts (basic knowledge)
    • Someone I can trust
    • Someone with good ideas
    • Someone that is willing to learn and share tricks & tips.

    Here is information that might be usefull to you:

    • I'm 16 years old, it might look young but I've done more e-business than some adults can think of
    • I'm living in Belgium
    • I've made a lot of blogs already
    • I'm known and have an overall good reputation and awesome feedback on webmaster forums

    Alright, if you're willing to help, I'm going to look if it's fine or not. You might be the most perfect person, I can ignore you -- but don't think it's because I don't like you, I'll just have to think a lot about this before choosing someone. Joint ventures usually go wrong with me when I have to do 70% of the work and the other person does 30% of the work Keep that in mind before contacting me!

    Thanks in advance for replies and/or PM's.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Can you code?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Fenton View Post
    Can you code?
    Unfortunately I can't That's why I stick to opensource stuff like WordPress etc
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    I'm sure I can handle many sites on my own, but websites get much better when you can work on them with two people.
    It isn't just websites; doing business online is much easier / successful when you have more than one person.

    If nothing else, it helps you focus much better; for many of us, it's all to easy to break promises made to yourself. With a partner, the very fact that someone is waiting for you to complete something means that you get down to it (or get a kick in the .... when you need it).

    Good for you - hope you find a good partner soon.

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    very interesting aquarezz I have been working with a Mexican partner but I do all the work not because he is lazy but because he cant code, he cant speak English and he cant write interesting articles :P so he usually just invest on my projects and I do all the work.

    Your story is similar to mine, I'm also very young and I was earning a nice income before summer everything was going well proxies, sales, freelancing even my poker skills were paying off :P but recently I have been earning no more than 2-4$ daily -.-

    I'm not a good blogger, I can make very interesting and catchy articles but writing is not my thing not to mention my English skills are poor, Spanish is my first language.

    But I do code, I consider my self pretty good using Photoshop and I have original ideas that I fail to develop due to lack of money, time or help.

    Recently I have been coding some extreamly simple websites that get thousands of backlinks or redirects websites like
    and other websites

    Im working on simple snippets, simple templates, simple counters we could set up a nice project
    not intimidately but soon.

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    What is your skillset? ie. What do you bring to the partnership?

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    I suggest that you partner-up with someone for a one-site project and see where it leads. That way you will have no more comitment after the website is sold. But as they say, "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

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    i would be intrested in a partnership i have a little experience with php i know wordpress quite well i have a little knolege of how to use joomla, drupal, mybb, phpbb3, smf, movabletype, and many others. i would like to learn how to make some money in the internet and bloging/content site industry. i am 16 from new zealand i have had a few good ideas for some websites lately but they require programing or modifing a pre existing script. unfortunatly i can not be on the internet everyday because i have other things i need to atend to but i am able to be online most days.
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