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Thread: Seeking an Investor

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    Seeking an Investor

    Hello everyone.

    Currently, I have a new project in the works that will help revolutionize the freedom of information and the international educational system as a whole. It will be a website utilizing the vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite - Content Management Software and Forum System. This will unite curious minds, students, teachers and professors under one roof to collaborate and share information.

    I will be promoting this endeavor with a lot of grassroots efforts. My fellow college students and I, throughout the world, will be working to spread the word about this platform - utilizing every available promotional venue possible. Since it serves a need, and allows our generation of people to do good, it will certainly become a popular project. I also have ideas of expanding it by having certain tools and softwares developed to supplement the goal.

    I won't be going into much detail here. If you're interested in funding a project like this, please let me know as soon as possible.
    Consider it not only a monetary investment, but an investment in humanity and a way of getting good karma.

    Thank you.
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    everyone is looking for investor

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