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Thread: Selling art (paintings) online

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    Selling art (paintings) online

    Looking for some tips, best practices and some websites or contacts.

    Thanks in advance
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    Thank you, will work on helping my friend Calbert get his artwork out there with your resources.
    This is a part of his exhibition in L.A.

    YouTube - Art Show Pieces
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    Selling Art Online

    Photograph your artwork well. Use a good-quality digital camera to take pictures of your work. Enhance the images with photo-editing software to optimize the way they will appear on your visitors’ computer screens.

    Get an account on a social networking site. Put up images of your art and tag them. Indicate links to your other social networking sites or art websites. Send out bulletins, or issue invitations. Having a social networking site allows you to add (and be added by) contacts who could be potential followers or patrons.

    Create a blog. Many options for blogging are available on the Internet. Start with easy-to-use sites such as Wordpress. A blog site will introduce visitors to you, as well as your artwork; and help drive traffic if you choose to link it to a separate online gallery.

    Label your art. The text alone can make or break your blog or website. Grammatically correct writing imparts a “professional” image to your online persona. In SEO terms, the descriptions for your artwork must be accurate, and your writing and organization must synchronize so search engines will direct traffic toward your site.

    Start an “authority” website. This website will help promote your artwork by driving more traffic to your site, creating inbound links from similar sites, thus getting you more “recall” on-, and subsequently, offline. The site may focus solely on your artwork, or contain other art-related content, such as:

    • Artist interviews
    • Art reviews
    • Events
    • Tutorials
    • Trends

    If you choose to concentrate on your own art, you can write material pertaining to your current projects, your personal process, influences, and the like. You can link the authority website to your art blog or online portfolio as well.

    Disseminate e-mail newsletters. Update your visitors to the progress of your paintings, locations of your exhibits, and the like. This helps build new relationships and maintain old ones with people who are interested in your art. Having a blog will make reaching out by sending e-mails simpler.

    Utilize other media. Print out leaflets, postcards, and calling cards with sufficient information about you, the artist. Indicate your address, contact numbers, e-mail address, and website/s.

    Collaborate with other artists. Assemble a troop of artists and create a group website, or create links to each other’s URLs. One artist’s patrons may also be another’s. The group dynamic will ensure that your exposure and clientele will increase exponentially.

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by eXe View Post
    Which would be quicker and easier? I think having a website is a good idea as branding for the artist.
    Selling through existing marketplaces is definitely quicker and easier.

    When I am faced with a choice between two options, I almost always choose both.

    That's what I would do here. I would set up a web site for long-term branding and sales. Concurrently, I would use all of the marketplaces Melissa listed to achieve short-term revenue.
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