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Thread: Selling e-book and it prospect

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    The author get many question about the method used to earn money. Is it same with other e-book, or something which can be founded free by googling. Of course author will write positive things about their e-book, but it can be boomerang. If one people buy it and then tell the other that the author i lie, author e-book business and their reputation will go bad.
    I think the author does not need to lie to get that 'boomerang' effect. If the content of the ebook is bad, everyone will know sooner or later.

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    And it's better for the author to postpone that e-book launching and choose to revision it. Anyway, i'm also get some paid e-book for free. Piracy rate in my country is in top 5 (so embarassed)...

    I wanna ask, can i buy e-book together with my friend (2-3 friend)? And after i receive it, i'm giving it also to that 2-3 friend because their are sharing money to buy it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    I wanna ask, can i buy e-book together with my friend (2-3 friend)? And after i receive it, i'm giving it also to that 2-3 friend because their are sharing money to buy it?
    It depends on the license, but usually no. The book will probably be for personal use only, meaning you can't spread it around with anyone unless (a) they've also bought the product, or (b), you have the specific permission from the author.

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    Haha, i know you'll answer like that. It's just dilemma, The e-book just too expensive. Look, the case is same with when you wanna buy conventional book right? We can buy it together and lend it to my friend.

    In case e-book, i just wanna pratice, no need to wait i'm finish reading and then i lend it to my friend, so i just copy it for them.

    Ok, if i change the scheme, i buy it with my friend, but same with conventional book, i will lend it to my friend only if i'm finish reading. How?

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    Too expensive? Then do some work and earn some money so you can buy it like everyone else?

    It's that attitude that is ruining the reputation of webmasters and the human race in general. 'I can't afford something, so I'll cheat my way into getting it anyway', and that's basically what you're saying. What about the author who spent days, if not weeks, writing that book? How do you expect them to make a living if people like you cheat him out of the money?

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    I'm sorry but don't think $10-$20 is easy to earn in my country. Do you know to get $10 only, you need to working on Starbuck 3+ day ($3/day - 6 hour work). And that's mean 3 days work for one e-book, it's e-book which price $10, and usually e-book nowadays is cost about $20-$50.
    But i'm here not talk about : so, doing cheating is the right way?
    No, it's not like that...And i know what author feel also.
    I just wanna ask about my sharing-method, is it illegal or no. That's it.

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