Hi all, if you start online business, i'm sure your often heard about selling ebook. This is the the most commong internet business. You can find so many people selling e-book, and maybe you buy some of it. And just for info, i'm already buying about 10-15 e-book which cost me hundred dollar.

But seeing the fact that e-book business is already lot of competitor, many interesting way to sell is already available (video course, audio course, etc), and to think the fact that e-book piracy is so wild right now. In my country, paid e-book can be found so easily. There is many piracy here. So, don't need to buy, all is provided for free on internet. That makes me think about the prospect of this business.
How to make people is not spread our e-book for free?

Anyway there is another fact, i think people more love to read conventional book than e-book. Reading e-book is make eyes hurt.

With that all reason and fact, do you think selling e-book is still profitable?