A few years ago, Trent Hamm of A Simple Dollar had an epiphany as a direct result of reading a how-to book, and walked away with a better understanding of how to get things done.

Hamm recently revisited that how-to book, suitably entitled Getting Things Done, and opted to share the highlights of his epiphany with those of us who have not read the book. These highlights are comprised of seven quick lessons he gleaned from the book. Most are fairly self explanatory but bear repeating on occasion.

Here's an excerpt from his post:

2. Keep an active “someday” list - because “someday” arrives sooner than you think.

I take special effort to write down every project idea that crosses my head. Once a week or so, I’ll go through them and toss out a few of the truly frivolous ones, but for the most part, I keep that list. It’s usually between 50 and 100 projects long at any given time - and I may or may not ever do any of them.

So what’s the point? The reason is that “someday” arrives more often than you think. If I’ve managed to work through my inbox and have an empty afternoon ahead of me, the first place I turn is my “someday” list - and there’s always something worthwhile to do on there. My “someday” list produced this and this and this, among many other things.

The Simple Dollar � Seven Hidden Lessons from “Getting Things Done”

Does his list seem useful to you? What would you add?