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Thread: Shipping boxes...

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    Shipping boxes...

    Hey starting up my own business.

    Anyone know of a good place to buy shipping material..

    Looking for a place to buy boxes.

    Googled some places but wondering if someone had some recommendations

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    I think you can get free boxes from the post office. Check
    comming soon

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    hmm didnt think they were free

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    Boxes are free for priority mail service from the post office, you can get them directly at the post office or get an account from and order them. You can also get other supplies for free, other boxes for different types of shipping, etc.

    UPS you can also get free boxes with an account, most shipping companies do offer this.

    However keep in mind these boxes only work for certain products, not everything.

    Good places to buy other boxes are for one

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    Those are for priority flat rate boxes which is expensive to ship... im goin First-Class Mail which is about $7 cheaper

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    Priority mail is cheap, what kind of products are you shipping?
    Not all boxes are 'flat rate' from the post office.

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