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Thread: Sick of content writers

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    In Dec., 2008 I hired a content writer/editor for my news site. The job was only to edit the articles and post in my site daily And I was thinking him to hire per month basis. And he says he will do the job but next day he didn't do the job. I PM him. he again says that he will start the work from tomorrow. But again next day he didn't start working. Then I canceled the order and I sold my site....

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    So a few days ago I found a content writer at DP and ordered 10 articles from him, the order totaling $40 and articles being 350 words each. He said he would get them done in 48 hours. So I waited 48 hours.... nothing..... another 48 hours pass without any communication so I PM him to see how he is going. He actually "forgot" about the articles so I canceled the order.

    Fed up with DP, I thought I would get someone from NB. I found a suitable article writer and he too told me he would complete the articles in 48 hours. I waited 48 hours and immediately contacted him asking how they were going. 48 hours after the deadline I had not heard back from him so I again canceled the order (don't know what went wrong with this one).

    So now I have wasted 8 days on this project just trying to get some articles and I think I will just sell the domain and get out of it. It has been nothing but trouble since day one. Has anyone else had similar experiences. I know if I picked a higher quality writer I would not have this trouble however for this specific project, I did not have the appropriate funds. But regardless of how much the writer is getting paid they should stick to their word and communicate when necessary.

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    Hmmm, what's the alias of the guy at DP? If you can PM me, think I'm trying to use the same guy for content...hired him for 5...96 hours later I got three...still waiting on the other 2 and had a pack of 10 that I'm still waiting on as well. If it is the same guy then I'll post the project on here for bid for the 10 pack (like you my deadline I need them is fast approaching and I know I'll need to copy edit them a bit, the 3 I got already were OK...)

    For full disclosure, 95% of my money I make from the web is from content writing, 5% on web (for now)...though I think I spend 75% of my time mucking with sites now!

    Anyway, agree that if you can't stick to a deadline and can't communicate then you just hurt your own reputation.


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    Perhaps you are in the wrong budget range?

    I would do a 500-word article for $50 and up if you are interested. I have plenty of content websites I could show you that vouches for my writing style/ability to explain touch subjects.

    Case in point:
    How a Broadcast Address Works :
    SQL Injection: How To Prevent Security Flaws In PHP / MySQL | Learn PHP Online

    If not, no hard feelings. I know the price is steep

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    I'm sorry you have to go through that, and I'm sorry for everyone else that has to too. As a content writer, I would never dream of doing such a thing. I always try my absolute best, and I fix it if necessary. I've dealt with some seriously picky clients in the past too!

    I hate when CLIENTS want something, then never respond or take ages to respond. That is frustrating. Why should anyone bother wasting time if they aren't going to pull through?

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    Well, I have hired my first and last guy for content on DP...glad I wasn't counting on getting it in time, but just goes to show, try someone out on something small first and build! 1+ week ago, contract for 5 + separate 10, promised 3 day turnaround got 3 (and they stunk), never got the other two for the first bit or the 10...oh well. Trying out a few folks on here that have advertised already Cheers,

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    You should contact Bogart or Kentuckyalone from DP about the content writer he used from DP. They both has said they loved them.

  7. I currently work with two writers on a long term basis, actually one is a writer and another is an outsourcing company, so they have many writers.

    Prices I pay range from $3-5 per 500 words article, I usually order 30-50 articles at a time. Of course I'm not expecting anything extraordinary for that price range, but all articles I get are grammatically correct, contain facts, easily readable and good quality. Over the years I've worked with probably over 100 different writers so I've found ways to evaluate quality quickly and pick good writers.

    Both of these I've found through and I can show you how!
    The trick is pretty simple, even if you never done this before. Check my recent post for more details here

    Also writing projects almost always take longer! If you want it done in two weeks, tell them it has to be completed within a week.

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