So a few days ago I found a content writer at DP and ordered 10 articles from him, the order totaling $40 and articles being 350 words each. He said he would get them done in 48 hours. So I waited 48 hours.... nothing..... another 48 hours pass without any communication so I PM him to see how he is going. He actually "forgot" about the articles so I canceled the order.

Fed up with DP, I thought I would get someone from NB. I found a suitable article writer and he too told me he would complete the articles in 48 hours. I waited 48 hours and immediately contacted him asking how they were going. 48 hours after the deadline I had not heard back from him so I again canceled the order (don't know what went wrong with this one).

So now I have wasted 8 days on this project just trying to get some articles and I think I will just sell the domain and get out of it. It has been nothing but trouble since day one. Has anyone else had similar experiences. I know if I picked a higher quality writer I would not have this trouble however for this specific project, I did not have the appropriate funds. But regardless of how much the writer is getting paid they should stick to their word and communicate when necessary.