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Thread: Someone going to the Elite Retreat from ShoeMoney?

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    Someone going to the Elite Retreat from ShoeMoney?

    Today I got this email from ShoeMoney.Com:
    I have already told you about the history, venue and speakers for our once a year event.
    Today I wanted to tell you about the Agenda, price and our guarantee.

    The Agenda

    The agenda for the Elite Retreat is very unique, and we think provides the best way for our attendees to get the most out of the event. The first day we usually start with breakfast around 8am till 9am. Then we start of the day with a brief introduction of all the leaders, and also all of the attendees. This way everyone can start to feel comfortable around each other.

    The rest of the day will be filled with short presentations by the leaders, and open Q&A after each one. We serve lunch from 12pm - 1pm usually, with some breaks in there as well. Usually by 6pm your brain might feel like it's on overload, or you might be dying to ask one of the leaders a question so we take a break, and then reconvene for cocktails and dinner. The cocktails and restaurant are usually a really fun and relaxed atmosphere to discuss all that you have learned or still want to learn from the first day.

    The second day starts off much like the first, with breakfast at 8am - 9am. This day will consist of what we call 1on1's. We start to schedule the 1on1's the first day, so we can ensure you get face time with the leader or leaders you most want to talk with.

    We will also be bringing in some ad-hoc speakers on the second day to speak to the rest of the group as the 1on1's are going on in the other meeting space. This way no time is wasted. We want you to walk away from this event feeling like you can't absorb any more information or learn anything else. And can't wait to get home and implement some of the ideas in your current business.

    Why You Should Come

    First of all this event is not for everyone. We truly believe that for the right person, this event is priceless. No where else will you get the amount of attention from the leaders and attendees alike at this event. But, if you are unsure if this is right for you; we do take time to screen all of the registrants. After registering, we will send a brief questionnaire asking you to tell us about yourself, and your goals you want to accomplish at the Elite Retreat.

    After a review of all the attendees, we will notify you whether we think you are a good fit or not. If we feel we do not have the proper expertise to ensure you will be able to accomplish your goals by coming we will do our very best to get that person to the event. But if we are unsuccessful and do not feel we have a 100% chance of meeting your expectations we will let you know and refund your money.

    Who should come

    We always say the Elite Retreat is where you "take your business to the next level". But that is a very broad statement right?

    The fact is, previous attendees are all over the map.

    I would say about 1/2 are affiliates looking for new ways to generate traffic and some ninja tips on how to improve what they are currently doing.

    The other half is a big mix usually consisting of people with their own products looking to take them online or drastically increase their online revenue.

    In the past we have had everyone from Bariatric Surgeons, mom and pop travel agencies, plumbers, dentists, you name it!

    We have also had some big company people like a EVP from Ford Motor Company, Intel, nVidia, Chitika, MySpace, FaceBook, Google, Yahoo and many others. These are obviously huge contacts for people to network with.

    The bottom line is everyone, no matter what you are doing, is looking to grow their business and that is exactly what we do for you at the Elite Retreat.

    The Guarantee

    We have never had one unsatisfied attendee at our event in the past seven years of having it. This makes us fairly confident in our abilities and in the event itself. We are so confident that we offer a money back guarantee to all of our attendees. If for any reason after the first day, you feel this event isn't for you, just find one of the staff and we'll get you a plane ticket home. And refund you your registration fee. No joke. It is more important to us, that our attendees go home happy and satisfied, than it is to take your money and not care.

    The Cost

    The price of the event is $4,995 per person. The only other thing you need to cover is your flight and hotel. All meals and nightlife are included with your registration.

    In the 7 years we have been doing the event we have never raised the price. Countless attendees keep telling us we need to raise the price to 10-15k, but we feel the event is an unbelievable experience for $4,995 and I do not see increasing the price anytime soon.

    I always like to surprise attendees with a bonus gifts, which by themselves is worth 2-3x the cost of the event. I already pitched my idea to the alumni and they loved it. I think you will too!

    The After Care

    Once the event is over the value does not stop. We have once a month Alumni mastermind calls and even some exclusive Alumni events. But perhaps the biggest value is you can feel free to call on me for anything you need. Ask any previous attendee. The Elite Retreat Alumni is a very close knit group of experienced, accomplished, entrepreneurs and we have created quite a tribe.

    See you there

    I can't wait to meet you and work with you one on one for 2 solid days. This event is my baby and I feel I really have a gift for analyzing what people are working on and coming up with many ways they can grow. I have also assembled like minded people but with different backgrounds to give you even more angles of attack.

    Registration will open at 10am EST tomorrow. Remember there is ONLY 30 seats available for this once a year event.

    Talk soon,

    I'm wondering if there is a NetBuilder who actually would try to go. What do you think about the price? Some discussion would be great

    And as I posted the mail here, I think the least I can do is to post the link so you can sign up to the mailing list too -- it's worth it IMO
    Shoemoney - Skills To Pay The Bills
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yeah, I like getting the new videos, etc. Don't have the free time or $5 K to make this trip Maybe next year!

    I do think its funny to see ShoeMoney announce a product, then later in the day Johnny Chow announce the same one but in his way, then the next day see it from a few other folks I subscribe to...I almost wonder if everyone subscribes to Shoe, then sends it to their lists!


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    Man, I would go to this in a heartbeat if I could afford. Just imagine, 100 people times 5k, lol. Nice!

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