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Thread: Source of Income?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by narci View Post
    CPA and Services only.
    Affiliate Marketing is My Favorite.

    Hey narci....... Thats a great avitar. It's one of the most interesting pictures I've seen in a long time. Yeah the picture!
    Cost of Living Getting Too High?

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    At the moment I use Adsense and one Affiliate program. The Adsense is making me money but the Affiliate program hasn't made me a thing.

    When it comes to Affiliate programs I have no idea how to make them convert, maybe I have picked the wrong Affiliate program or have missed something vital.

  3. i do computer repairs in my neighbourhood

  4. I am using my site to get referrals for my affiliate program from where I am getting a residual monthly income.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatthehell View Post
    i do computer repairs in my neighbourhood
    Nice, dude!

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    Selling paid links

  7. Paid links, but I so wish to stop depending solely on that biz. Easier said than done.

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    Google Ads , Links , Banners ,etc are the main source of income from site.

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    I use adsense and barely CPAlead but this month I'm going to try:
    infolinks, adbrite, xtendmedia and others

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