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Thread: Starting an online "business"

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    Starting an online "business"

    Hey guys.

    Today I finished my final ever day at school, so, before I go to college, I get a 3 month holiday.

    In this time, I would like to set up a business. I mean, yeah, I've owned plenty of websites, but I'm looking to set up an official business that I can put on my CV and will hopefully help me when I do Business Studies in the next academic year.

    Now, the problem I face is that I'm only 15.

    What possible problems could I face? How could I resolve these issues?

    Any help on anything about setting up an official business would be greatly appreciated.


  2. You think I have not tried this? There are many like us.

    -No one takes you seriously.
    -You need to have solid contacts.
    -You need Tax stuff, where sometimes you can't give your parents stuff.

    My parents gave me some good amount of cash for the holidays, i spent most of it on the forum and the rest on the blogs. I could not set any business up really.

    You need to have an idea. Anything on your mind?

    I would recommend you do some blog flipping.
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    As of yet, I haven't got a product planned, but I was thinking about getting a product made and selling it on a site, and maybe take it offline if it's successful.

    As for blog flipping, yeah, I've got a plan for that. One of my friends has recently been made jobless, so he was looking for a summer job. I told him that I'd give him $20-30 per blog (as well as money to spend on it), then I'd sell them on so that I got $30 per blog. I was hoping to do around 75 blogs over the summer, so that means I get around $2250 for just listing the blogs

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    I don't know where you live, but you should watch out for tax laws. Every penny you earn should be reported to the government. Obviously, I live in the US and do not know the laws for other countries. Just be careful.

  5. Agreed! After the sale of AE, I had SOLID and bad tax problems, as I am underage. I had to submit many documents, then open an account in my name. Also I had to give some cover letter. Piss offs!
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    I have to disagree with what Farrhad says about being taken seriously. You CAN be taken seriously even at your age. The secret? Don't flaunt it. There are soooo many people that go around screaming "I'm an online teenager! Look how smart I am!" Of course that's a turn off. People think you're cocky and inexperienced if you do that.

    If you want to start a business online, you need to know how to communicate effectively in writing. Professional, authoritative, and persuasive communications will force people to take you seriously. Focus on providing prompt response, using respectful diction and tone, and overall letting some of your better personality traits show through.

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    The important thing here, you can try all business which have no age requirement. So, that's mean, mostly internet money making program is not available for you : PPC,PTR,PTS,Affiliate, etc...

    So, you need to find business which age is no matter :
    - site filipping --> i recommend this since you have 3 month, enough time to build good site
    - become freelancer
    - selling own product online

    But the problem will come if you want to receive payment. All payment proccesor need minimum age requirement. So i think, to receive payment, you can borrow your parents acc

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