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Thread: Starting On The Web Full Time in 2010

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    Starting On The Web Full Time in 2010

    Starting On The Web Full Time in 2010 ?

    Is it daunting ?

    No it can be done but it always takes hard work and focus

    Is it too late to start now?

    No, in life it is never too late, but you do need to be innovative and flexible

    Is it possible to make money?

    Yes, and after being on the net full time since 1995. I can confirm in my opinion there are more opportunities to make money in 2010 than ever

    Now for the DOWNSIDE – Problems happen

    Not saying it is going to happen to you, but it happens to many!

    It occurred with me in a big way in 2009

    I had a very bad fall in the street breaking some ribs

    I then had and still have severe problems with my skin, arguably down to stress

    So these 2 events on top of reduced revenue and many business problems, meant I was looking into an abyss

    I had to survive and turn the DOWNSIDE around

    Not helpful at this point to refer to many more negatives but they do occur

    You have only one option get up every morning and work and difficult as it is steer clear of the negatives


    Set Targets

    • Work at least 8 hours a day 7 days a week (or the maximum you can)
    • Set a monthly minimum revenue target
    • Work on the number of mini modules (tasks) that you can manage and process effectively
    • If you cannot process completely a process …ie it is task that requires daily input… then make the time to update daily eg If 1 Hour set the time aside and implement daily and never miss a day
    • Never get behind man manage your daily hourly input
    • Remember the essence of the net is to be proactive not reactive
    • So be proactive as you are winding down your work completed today, start thinking about the positive inputs for your work the next day
    • The going is tough right now in 2010 so!
    • When the Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

    Upside – Business is doing well and Profitable Revenue is being made

    That’s great but never forget times are not always going to be good, regardless of your ability, optimism and focused input – Never let up keep on going!

    Good Luck to All

    If you have found this OP useful, but you want some more detailed advice send me a PM and if I can help I will

    I can certainly assure you that you must never give up!
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