I swear that content scrapers never learn. This one goes far beyond anything I've seen.

Everyone here is pretty familiar with my blog located at:
Make Money Online | Running Online Business

Take a hard look at it.
Examine the list of categories on the lower right side, look at some of the post titles.

Now, take a look here:

See any similarities? Of course you do! They replicated my blog and it's content! They even went so far as to download images I used in posts, as well as files I made available for download, and put them on their blog using file hosting sites like mediafire and rapidshare. Did they change the content? At least try to hide it? Nope. It's an exact replica.

So, what did I do? Well, I filed a DMCA Notice with Blogger, of course. I'm sure the infringing content will be removed shortly. "Thanks for reporting this possible Terms of Service violation. We will examine it soon and take action as necessary." But what would make a person think that they could get away with just copying my entire blog?

Sometimes the stupidity of people astounds me.