You might be thinking, when will I ever use this? Well I'm in the process right now so I'll be walking through it myself.

First things first, if you're able to grab ahold of any IPs related to the rip, ban them. (In my case caught the person on live chat).

Secondly, if you know the URL (again in my case the live chat picked up where they uploaded it to), copy it and immediately do a whois search to find out who owns the domain.

Next, copy and paste it into a notepad for later use.

Ping the IP copy the IP address (using mark or whatever) and go back to google find an IP lookup service and look up who owns the IP (most will say the service provider)

Paste the IP into the notepad and of course paste any other info such as any e-mails attached (ex

Now grab a DMCA template, I used one from here which is very well written:
DMCA Notification Template - Copyright Law and SEO - McAnerin International Inc.

Grab the ISP one as it was most approiate.

Fill it in replacing the example text with your own stuff. Change the dates!

Login to your webmail (use or something similar to resemble that you are indeed the owner)

Copy the contents of the document, paste it into the e-mail.

Attach the document to the e-mail and send it to the address (whatever it is).

Wait until you get a response and of course keep checking each day and ensure to keep checking (proxies are a good idea to keep your IP from being blacklisted and should help keep you anonymous when you go for the kill).

If content is removed, keep checking in like 3 days later or so, if content reappears, send second notice just like the first but put in there that it is the second notice and that if it isn't removed you will pursue legal action.

Removed? Good check weekely still just in case, not removed? Ask an attourney for legal advice. If the entire thing is international (ex Malaysia or Sweeden) then you're pretty much screwed at the moment. Worth a shot though I guess. And of course you can submit one through the mail to Google if you include the search terms that infringing results come up on, haven't tried it yet so no idea.

Example that I used: (infringing site)
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