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Thread: Tax Implications of paypal payments

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    Tax Implications of paypal payments


    Are payments received in paypal immediately taxabale or only once you withdraw to your company bank account?

    I believe in Singapore, foreign sourced income is taxable only when money is remitted to the country but what about other countries such as India etc?


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    In the United States, you need to claim it - even if you don't transfer it to your bank account.

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    I "Believe" that paypal funds become taxable income in the U.S. once you transfer them to your bank (ie similar to Singapore). Double check, but believe that's the case.

    Once > $400 USD is made, you are obligated to report as self-employed income and subject to Fica, medicare, etc. The IRS has gotten a little better though, and lets you pay online during the year if you want to do that route too...
    On my list to do this week...can't wait.

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    Payments become taxable in the USA as soon as you receive them. However, you do not have to pay the tax until April 15. At that time, you pay the income taxes on income earned during the previous year.

    This is different if your business is a corporation or an LLC. You pay taxes quarterly for those.

    In the USA, tax liability has nothing to do with bank transfers. It is income as soon as you receive it.
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    Well, when you dig into the law with a tax attorney or CPA, you get into the specifics of offshore monies, US banks, foreign exclusion rules, etc. Different for each person, location, and specifics. Best is to declare all of your net and deduct the expenses to avoid the tax penalty beast...

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    Taxes are simple.

    How much did you bring in? How much did you spend?
    Is what you spent deductible? TurboTax® ItsDeductible Online - Track Charitable Donations for Tax Deductions.

    Tally up all of your income and report it.
    Then see if your deductions are > than the standard deduction. Choose accordingly.

    The best thing to do is just keep records of every transaction and payment, then input that information to something like TurboTax when the time rolls around.

    Payments become taxable in the USA as soon as you receive them.
    Yes, this is true. I'd like to make a note regarding something.

    If you have an AdSense account, for example. Let's say that you have a $800 in that account. It's not taxable income UNTIL that money becomes accessible to you. With PayPal, that money is available to you instantly when it enters your account. But if money is in an affiliate or publisher account, and hasn't yet been released to you, it's not technically yours yet. And as an individual, money is only taxed once and only once. If you do anything like investments or bonds though, that's a much trickier area.

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