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Thread: Tighten Your OODA Loop!

  1. Tighten Your OODA Loop!

    OODA is a mnemonic for one process we humans use when making decisions. OODA stands for:

    1. Observe - See what's going on
    2. Orient - Figure out what it means in relation to ourselves
    3. Decide - Choose an execution path
    4. Act - Do it!

    The OODA loops was originally defined by the U.S. Air Force, but it is useful in almost any endeavor.

    In the web business, I often find people who observe very carefully but fail to orient. They see what is going on, but they don't see how they can benefit from it. They are suffering from paralysis by analysis.

    This is a form of procrastination. As most Internet entrepreneurs work alone and for themselves, procrastination is endemic to our business.

    Nothing will increase your productivity and improve your chances for success more than defeating procrastination.

    I've been meaning to write this post for two days, the struggle against procrastination never ends.

    Next time you have an idea that is not moving forward, think about where in the OODA Loop you're stuck -- then get yourself unstuck.
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    So next time I feel procrastination coming on I should whip out the OODA pillbox and take one!

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