Firstly i am not sure if this post is in the right section, i guess it is a relevant question no matter what aspect of business you run.

I am interested to know how you guys manage your own time and motivate yourself to do things which you are going to benefit from.

What kind of system do you have in place?

Do you perhaps have a todo list that you keep up to date?
Do you have a timetable for each week?
Do you use some kind of software to help you manage your time?
Do you make stuff up based on what you feel like doing at any given time? (my system)

I seem to find my self getting on the computer and achieving nothing alot of the time. The more i think about it the more i realize i am a yes sir person doing what i am told to do and not a free thinker giving orders (perhaps this is because i do not plan how i will use my time in advance so i just spend it doing random things) and then when i think about how much i currently make online and how little effort it currently takes to do that it sickens me.

I have personally tried jotting notes down onto paper but that "system" does not seem to work out for myself.

I hear there is a whole host load of applications and programs to help people track and manage their time but i fear i will spend more time trying to improve how i spend my time than actually doing what needs doing! A bit like the person (who everyone seems to have known at one stage) that changes their operating system every week for X Y or Z magical reason, but really you waste more time trying to save more time.

Any input is welcome.