Lately I got disgusted by how long I spend developing web applications, my main one is well into it's second year of development. This is obviously taking too long for a web-based project.

So, in parallel, I started another project last week with the concept in mind to get the functionality thrashed out as fast as possible to minimize the time to market i.e. have a product that can be promoted. Well, in one week, it is almost ready. So I think that by keeping in your head that version 1 of a project must be completed ASAP with just enough functionality to make it work is a good idea.

When the product is rolled out to the consumers, you can then work in the background on the extras, and things to handle scalability. Of course, you need a fully tested and well designed initial product so that you are not then wasting time fixing bugs.

The same goes for websites, have an idea, register the name, and not build the darned site.

Anyone else got the same kind of frustrations?