One of the best sources of webmaster related information that I have only discovered in the last 6 months is podcasts

This is the easiest way I know of how to download them and is what I use:

1. Download iTunes
2. Click on "iTunes Store"
3. Click on "Podcasts"
4. Search for "webmaster", "web design", "SEO" etc
5. Subscribe to as many as you can find.
6. Download all the previous episodes of each podcast
7. You've now got 3857439857432 hours of really good quality information to listed to.

My two favorites at the moment are the boag world podcast (although mostly web design, has some other useful stuff in it and is entertaining).

And the SEO Adviser (although less than 10 minutes each, there are loads of them and the guy seems to know what he's talking about).

There are also loads that I have downloaded and not yet listened to.

There are also loads of podcasts over at which you should check out (but you have to have a decent net connection because you listen to them through your web browser).

I really like podcasts because I can be working when previously not possible, for example, took advantage of a 5 hour bus trip today and had an entertaining and educational time.

I hope you will find some good stuff in them, I definately have.