All top stock trading companies have put in place a transparent system to ensure speedy transactions. The transaction statement is divided into three sections:

Depository Account Holder: This section gives the following details that have taken place during the transaction period and also the other details of the depository account holder.
Client Id: It is issued by the regulatory authority
Category: House or Non-house beneficiary
o A house beneficiary is the DP (Depository Participant)-cum-broker
o Others are classified as non-house beneficiaries
Status: It gives the status of the account. It can be for example:
o Registered: This will appear when you open the account and the securities that have been sent for dematerialization will be displayed
o Active: When the account has been established and you have a credit balance
o Frozen: Instructions to freeze the transaction over the account
o Frozen: Debit or Credit

Transaction details: This is divided into two sub-sections: They are transactions involving demat securities and those securities pending demat. The narration appearing in the header of this section is:
Booking Date: The date of booking is entered in the system
Trans. No: Transaction Number is generated by monitoring system
Description: Symbol of the security and type
Transaction: Credit/Debit
Balance: Current balance of securities held

Transaction of demat securities: In this section, the details of each share are shown separately. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) allocated by the regulatory authority to the securities of various companies, which have been dematerialized, will appear first followed by the details of the transaction for that particular security.