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Thread: Turn Your Domain Into A Cash Cow

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    Whatís in a domain name?

    The answer is money! How you might ask? With a tool like the Internet, every business that wants to market online will need a domain name and a hosted web site. However, with sites like, you may not need a web site but it would wise to have one to sell all your products and services in one location. In addition, you can prove more interactivity at your registered domain name web site than you can from an auction web site.

    Having a domain name is just the beginning. A business cannot sell its products online with just a domain name alone. Businesses and anyone for that matter who wants to sell online will need a web site that hosted by a reliable hosting company. A domain name simply gives you an easier way to remember a numerical address for a particular web site. In short, it is much easier to remember rather than as your web site address. The key here is to have a domain name that is related to the products or services you sell.

    Extracting Money from Your Domain Name?

    One way to do this is to use an affiliate program unlike the ones like and Commission Junction, etc. This is an affiliate program that is hosted along with your web site domain name and hosting company. It should never cost you extra to set up your own affiliate program. The process is not difficult to do yourself and should you need assistance simply send a request to tech support without additional charges. Any can get started for just $24.95 a month at

    In addition, you can get a super cheap domain name, web-hosting package for little as $10 per month, and offer your customers their own web site package for the same price. This can act as your affiliate program bringing in $1,000ís of back-end commissions. You can even offer sale incentives to affiliates who purchase other products from your main online store. With this affiliate program model, the earning potential here is limitless. Think outside the box. Watch this online video to learn how your domain name can be a virtual source of income and you will be helping others to take advantage of owning their own successful domain name and web site. Watch the informative video here:


    Any business marketing online should be hosting their website with a company that pays them every month for referring new customers to them who sign up for a web-hosting page. This creates a win-win situation for everyone since the referring merchant gets and additional income revenue stream that will come in every month whether he sells his main products or not.

    If the merchant doesn't offer an affiliate program, his web hosting referrals can act as his affiliate program. This can greatly benefit web designers who charge so much for their web designs. Yet, they are missing this additional revenue stream by not suggesting to their client to host with their hosting company. The web designer can earn the front-end sales plus pick up additional monthly revenue from their client's web hosting. If the web designer gives a substantial discount to the client for hosting with the suggested company, I do feel that their client may very well sign up to the hosting company. For example, the idea, design several great looking web site templates and give them away to members who sign up with your hosting company to use as their own.
    However, make sure you have sections on the template that the user cannot remove like designed by and have your contact information on it. Make sure you state that new hosting members can chose from 5 designs to use with your xyz hosting company or you will design a special website template at reduced price when they sign up in our hosting affiliate program. Here are two good hosting companies you can use: 1. and 2.
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