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Thread: Uh, question...need some help, very urgently!!!

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    Uh, question...need some help, very urgently!!!

    I'm in a bit of a financial rut, and I've got about an hour to generate some funds. Any of you guys have some ideas about how I can get the money I need....currently $100. I've got services that I offer, any more places to advertise that you suggest. I'm working my butt off here trying to scrape every dime I can.

    Please help if you can...I'll work for you if I need to...and tell me where I should post, thanks!

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    Well, it looks like this was posted over an hour ago, so I'm probably too late.

    If we knew where to go to generate $100 in an hour, we'd all be there.

    The only thing I could recommend is to go to DP, or some other large webmaster forums, even here, and offer some domains for bidding, or sell your services, ebooks, graphics packages, etc.

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