I find there is no thread discuss about this topic.

We're know to do internet business, mostly of us need a payment processor as our bank virtual, where we can trans and receive fund from one to other.
But to make payment processor, we need some requirement such your biodata and credit card. Credit card is needed to verify our account as a proof of our biodata.

But some of people have no cc. In my country, to make cc, the requirement is : a people with salary minimum $200/month.
And $200 is big amount in my country. Not all get $200 in a month but their are wanna make acc on payment processor, for example paypal.

I don't know your country case. But i'm sure that credit card requirement become a problem for some people.

There is one alternative to make your acc verify. It's using virtual credit card (VCC). All you need is buy it, and then you will receive credit card data and 4 digit number to verify (example : VCC paypal).

VCC is so cheap. Just cot about $5-$7 depend on the seller. But there is a dilemma, is it illegal or no? I'm ever read on paypal rules, but no one rules discuss about this. So, it's become more and more make dilemma...

What do you think about VCC? Is it allowed or no?
Do you ever use it?

Anyway lets' talk vcc business also