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Thread: very bad experience with moneybooker

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    very bad experience with moneybooker

    Yesterday try to make 100 deposit to envanto for theme purchase, most of the time i use paypal as payment agent, yesterday with itchy hand n thought, so i pick moneybooker (skrill) as payment agent ......

    1. Click on envanto payment link.
    2. On skrill payment page, attempt to make payment, but they detect my email does have account with them, force me login.
    3. After login, return to payment page and successful make payment to envanto (base on the page).
    Nightmare Begin.
    4. Than login to my envanto acc, payment is not there.
    5. Login to MB account, my fund is there but not transfer to envanto due to i limit my account with "no payment send" function.
    Here come my question, i make direct deposit to envanto and use MB as payment agent, how on earth this happen ?

    I try to solve the problem with calling up Money booker Customer service.
    First attempt, MB CS said i'm on business account request me to call back on Monday, than hang up my call. (CS name Jenny).
    Second attempt, MB CS asked me to hold the line, she try to fix it for me, after 10minute waiting, she ask me to drop the line, once it done, i will received confirmation email. (CS = Elana).
    third same like second. (CS = Elaine)
    fourth attempt (after few hour wait), a nice young (guy) CS solve my issue with less than 30 second.

    So i try to transfer fund from MB to envanto but fail, i can't make full transfer cause i need min usd 10 to keep in my account, paypal might have higher rate compare with MB, but with those hassle with MB, i rather choose paypal ...

    This is real night mare and i promise i won't will not use any MB as payment agent and also will try my best MB for all means ....

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    Some merchants don't want to accept Paypal due to the risks of chargebacks. Also some merchants have had their Paypal accounts limited and have no choice but to accept Money Bookers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    Some merchants don't want to accept Paypal due to the risks of chargebacks. Also some merchants have had their Paypal accounts limited and have no choice but to accept Money Bookers.
    that merchant having both, just thought of trying out different merchant to see can save me few buck ... end up horrible story, real nightmare

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    response i get from SCREW Money Booker :

    Thank you for contacting Skrill Customer Service.

    Please be kindly informed that your credit/debit card deposits are processed in EUR currency and since the currency of your Skrill account is MYR, the funds have to be converted into your account currency in order to enter your Skrill account balance. In addition, please note that the merchant you instructs payment to accept payments in USD currency. Therefore, your payments are converted in this currency.

    Please be advised that for transactions involving currency conversion Skrill adds 2.49% to our wholesale exchange rates for foreign currency. This charge serves as a protection against the volatility and risk associated with FX markets. The Skrill exchange rates are published in "Fees" section on our website and are updated on a regular basis throughout the day.

    Please note that due to a technical issue your payment for the amount of 100 USD on 13 APR 13 to the respective merchant was not successful and the funds were credited to your Skrill account balance. According to our system records you have successfully used your available balance to make payments.

    We hope you find this information useful. Do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,

    Skrill Customer Service
    but fact is i lose a lot money on calling their CS, extra fees on those currency exchange, MYR-EURO-MYR-EURO-USD + USD 13 hold by them, basically i paid usd 160 for usd 100 ....

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    And people want to know why I always use paypal.
    I just point them to threads like yours.

    And anyone who says anything bad about paypal?
    I ignore them because they probably tried to game paypal and got caught.

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    I never had any problem with PayPal for paying for things.

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    lesson learn, don't try anything that not familiar with ....
    just wanna try out how skrill work end up pay nearly double ..... paypal i never leave you again.

    I use paypal very ofter and do like their easier solution and nearest call center, only issue is no refund for Digital item, that is pretty bad for me cause i buy a lot script online, some of it really not working at all ...

  8. Try PayPal or Payoneer those are the best companies for foreign currency.

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