Yesterday try to make 100 deposit to envanto for theme purchase, most of the time i use paypal as payment agent, yesterday with itchy hand n thought, so i pick moneybooker (skrill) as payment agent ......

1. Click on envanto payment link.
2. On skrill payment page, attempt to make payment, but they detect my email does have account with them, force me login.
3. After login, return to payment page and successful make payment to envanto (base on the page).
Nightmare Begin.
4. Than login to my envanto acc, payment is not there.
5. Login to MB account, my fund is there but not transfer to envanto due to i limit my account with "no payment send" function.
Here come my question, i make direct deposit to envanto and use MB as payment agent, how on earth this happen ?

I try to solve the problem with calling up Money booker Customer service.
First attempt, MB CS said i'm on business account request me to call back on Monday, than hang up my call. (CS name Jenny).
Second attempt, MB CS asked me to hold the line, she try to fix it for me, after 10minute waiting, she ask me to drop the line, once it done, i will received confirmation email. (CS = Elana).
third same like second. (CS = Elaine)
fourth attempt (after few hour wait), a nice young (guy) CS solve my issue with less than 30 second.

So i try to transfer fund from MB to envanto but fail, i can't make full transfer cause i need min usd 10 to keep in my account, paypal might have higher rate compare with MB, but with those hassle with MB, i rather choose paypal ...

This is real night mare and i promise i won't will not use any MB as payment agent and also will try my best MB for all means ....