There is one thing I'm sure of and that's that 99% of all people on NetBuilders are wasting money. Yep, wasting, overspending.

Almost one year ago Kovich posted a thread on that people could save more money, but actually they could even save a lot more. He was actually just talking about domains and hosting, which is a big part of being a webmaster, but it doesn't cover everything.

People are getting so used to just paying the price for a product or service and are afraid to ask questions to sellers. Well, communication is the best way to get good relationships with people -- even though you don't know them in real life.

There have been some people on the live chat of InfinitumHost asking me for a coupon, because we're still new, which I understand. Well I don't mind to give out a coupon that gives them 20% OFF for life, or 50% for their first month, since we're actually new. But even in a couple of months, I won't bother giving out a coupon for new clients, it might even help me in getting more clients further on

A newsletter said the following, and I agree 100% with them:
I’m always amazed at how readily people automatically whip out their wallets – or their credit cards – to get a product or service they want, without thinking at all about whether they can get want they want cheaper, or maybe even free. To make saving money a way of life, remember the phrase: “Just Ask!” For starters, ask yourself three questions:

  • Can I get it free?
  • Can I get it for less?
  • Can I get it in exchange for something else?

Believe it or not, we’re quickly moving toward a free nation: free music downloads, free news and information, free offers for everything from cosmetics and luxury goods to legal aid and complimentary meals.

If something you want isn’t available free, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it for less than the full asking price. Just be prepared to negotiate – in a nice way, of course. Most people think the price tag they see advertised is “written in stone.” The truth is that you can negotiate nearly everything – from clothes in a department store to medical bills. Ask for a discount if you pay cash.

Always ask “is that the best price you can offer?” And don’t be afraid to let retailers know that you’re looking for a deal. There’s no shame in asking: “Will this item be going on sale soon?" If the answer is “Yes,” wait to buy it until the sale occurs.

Can’t find a freebie or a discount? Then it might be time to barter. Instead of paying for goods and services, offer to exchange your talent (maybe it’s cooking, dentistry, braiding hair, teaching piano or whatever) to others. Even if you can’t offer a service, you may have something of value to barter. That’s the whole idea behind the increasingly popular home exchange services, for instance, where you get to swap homes with someone in a far-flung country (free of charge), in exchange for letting them temporarily reside at your place.
Well, is there a possibility I changed your mind now when you're going to buy stuff? Do you have something to add?

As an extra of this thread, I'd find it awesome when someone here on NetBuilders has a great promotional offer running (should have at least one decent review here), you can post it in this thread to get some extra exposure for it!