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Thread: Ways To Make Money Online

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    Ways To Make Money Online

    Just thought it'd be a good, informative thread if we can all contribute different ways to make money online.

    1) Blogging
    2) Freelancing (designing, writing, etc)
    3) Contests (such as the one here, although they don't always pop up, so this is a risky method)
    4) Affiliates
    5) Selling Forum Sig Links
    6) Selling Links in general
    7) Selling banner spaces on blogs
    8) Dropshipping
    9) Adsense (and other programs like that)
    10) GPT programs

    Got any to add?

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    You're forgot about :

    11) Selling your own product
    12) Copywriter (full time, not for freelance)

    Anyway, you can't categorized blogging as way to MMO, it's depend on monetized/no

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    Auctions (do I really need to write Ebay as an example?)

    Sorry, but even if this thread is not about monetizing a website, shouldn't it go in the Monetizing section?

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    I think it's soft topic, so i think lounge is OK.

    Add more :
    14) you forgot about site flipping
    15) Making MMO monthly course
    16) Online full-time consultant
    17) We're not talking about legal/no, so, scamming is included, But of course this way is forbidden and not good at all. Avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07
    Anyway, you can't categorized blogging as way to MMO, it's depend on monetized/no
    Ah, OK, I'll give you that, but the blog is basically the core ingredient of making money via monetisation, so I feel it's OK to put it there.

    And, Nic, no, I think this is fine where it is. It's not neccessarily only about monetisation, so I feel it's OK in the general forum

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    Wow ... I got to know many useful ways of earning money online. Thanks for this list of recommendations.

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